Wanna know how to freelance?

Long gone are the days when freelancing meant taking a gig once in a while.

Today, it’s a choice. It allows you to create the life you want, wherever you want, whenever you want.

By 2027, 86.5 million will be freelancing.*

Care to join them?


How to properly start your freelancing adventure, the stress-free way.


How to properly write for a digital audience. Yes, everything your high school teacher told you is wrong.

How to become more productive & free up time to do the things you love. 


The skills to market yourself properly & get some high-paying clients, fast.

Tools, tips & tricks to make your work go smoother.


How to make clients happy & get a job done, just the way they want it.

What’s the story behind TEF?

Well, it turns out that I’ve unintentionally become the go-to person for freelancing & business advice. Thought I may as well write everything down.

Oh, and the name. Contrary to popular belief, not all freelancers are introverts that thrive in silence. Some of them are outgoing like me – and spending 45+ hours per week on your own can be a daunting task.

No matter whether you’re still dipping your toes in freelancing waters or you’re already confidently swimming, you can get something out of a community like this. If nothing else, you’ll have someone to talk to during lunch breaks. *shrugs*


How to Become a Freelancer (For Absolute Beginners)

You keep hearing it everywhere you go: The future of work is to go freelance. Everyone talks about being their own boss. Praising remote work – and the ability to travel where your heart desires. The gig economy – nay, the freelance economy! – changed the...

8 Most Common Writing Mistakes

Are you worried no one’s reading what you’re writing? Actually, you may be worrying with a reason. Stats don’t look promising for content creators. With 55% of all pageviews lasting less than 15 seconds – and visitors reading an average of 20% of all...

How to Stay Away from Scams on Upwork?

Freelancing is all fun & games. Until your client disappears into thin air and you don’t get paid for all your hard work. When I first started freelancing on Upwork, I was blown away by the number of jobs available.  But it did take me a few weeks and not...

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